Hi There!

I'm Amelia.
I'm a wedding photographer from Northumberland.
I've always loved art and photography, learning to shoot on an old 35mm camera and develop the negatives when I was twelve. This sparked an instant obsession with documenting everything around me.
I went on to study photography and have a BA(Hons) in Commercial Photographic Practice.
​I photographed my first wedding eleven years ago and fell in love with the idea of doing it full time. Being a part of so many people's special days is such a wonderful job and I feel so grateful for every wedding I get to be a part of.
​Photographing the crazy love between two people is one of my favourite things. It always gives me goosebumps when I hear handwritten vows and see the little looks of pure love between a couple on their wedding day. I'm completely in love with the feeling of documenting a whole wedding day, and the joy it brings to the couples I work with.

When I'm not taking photos (or editing) you can usually find me listening to music, playing video games and hanging out with my cats, Cloud & Mani.

I also love to travel with my 35mm camera and document my trips on film.

Favourite food is a difficult one, it's tied between pizza, tacos and sushi.

Other things I love include yoga, crafting, looking after my plants, playing guitar, going to see live music and drinking lots and lots of black coffee.

Music I love:

How I work.

As a wedding photographer, I've always loved to shoot with natural light. On your wedding day I mostly work with available light and shadow, only using a flash when necessary.

I love creating a story of your day with my images so you'll be able to look back and remember how it looked (with a little bit of an arty twist).

I'm a documentary photographer, I love to capture moments when people are just being their genuine selves, as I feel this produces the most natural, beautiful results.

I will be completely dedicated to you and your photos on the big day. While I will direct you a little bit during group shots, I like to shoot candidly for the majority of the day in order to capture everything going on without intruding.

Call me.

I love to get to know couples before the wedding. Video chats are ideal for this, and you can ask me all those burning questions I'm sure you have!

I'm also happy to chat about films/music/cats.